Hostess Gifts That Are Better Than a Bottle of Wine

Hostess Gifts That Are Better Than a Bottle of Wine

Yep, you read that right.

Hostess gifts that are even better than booze — gasp, can it be?!

Holiday party season is upon us, and the name of the game is minimizing stress so you can actually enjoy the festivities. Our advice? Stock up on a few fabulous hostess gifts in advance to have on hand. No matter what the occasion, you can navigate the most wonderful time of the year with ease (and ensure you get a return invite!).

If someone is gracious enough to invite us over, feed us, and get us tipsy enough to help us temporarily forget about our depleting bank account due to our Black Friday expenditures, the least we can do is not show up empty-handed. But it’s high time to retire the stale, clichéd hand soaps, flower bouquets and bottles of wine, and instead step your hostess gift game up a notch or three. Whether it’s a work party, a holiday dinner with your in-laws or just a festive cocktail hour with friends, we’ve got you covered when it comes to gifts your host will actually want (and not immediately re-gift).

So this season, step away from the champagne aisle and opt for one of these thoughtful and unexpected hostess gifts. Our top 12 picks range from about $10 to $60 and are guaranteed to make you the most favorite guest.  



Our 12 Favorite Hostess Gifts Right Now:


Rosemary Trees - prices vary

Anyone can pick up a bouquet of flowers—yawn—so this year, mix things up a bit with a DIY rosemary tree instead (the West Nashville Costco has some great ones right now, and we’re pretty sure you could snag a few at Bates Nursery, which is our go-to for greenery). Wrap scraps of fabric around the rosemary pots for pretty greenery that smells like Christmas, can double as holiday table décor and can also be used for holiday recipes and cocktails. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Which Would You Choose? 50 Amusing Dilemmas Game - $8.95

Forget the dreaded small talk — let this hilarious, thought-provoking game be the ice breaker at your host’s holiday party this year. Or bring some extra fun to the table with an after-dinner game that’ll keep the party going well after the dessert is finished - and guaranteed to be even funnier if played after everyone has had a few drinks!

You Make Mom Jeans Look Good Dish - $15

Nothing like a little pick-me-up to boost a frazzled mama’s self esteem during the season when we’re all eating our weight in pie! This charming little dish can house anything from jewelry on her dresser to paperclips on her desk.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. Elderflower Tonic - $16

(This technically isn’t booze, okay?) Even though your stressed-out host might rather just chug tequila straight from the bottle, gift him or her with this delicious tonic mix made with organic dried elderflowers for a luxurious cocktail experience to enjoy while unwinding from the party chaos. Find it locally at White’s Mercantile, and check the Jack Rudy website for tons of delicious recipes!

Rose Gold Pineapple Tumbler - $24.99

Why drink out of boring ol’ regular glasses when you could sip out of a rosé gold pineapple tumbler? That’s our motto, anyway. These unique pieces, available from Madewell, can house holiday cocktails or refreshing desserts—plus, they’ll look cute sitting on your hostess’ kitchen shelves when not being used.

Homesick Candle - $29.95

If your host can’t go home for the holidays, bring “home” to your host with a thoughtful Homesick candle. Using all-natural soy wax, each scent is crafted using custom fragrance oils that will bring you back home every time you light it. They even have “memories” scents like Friday Night Football, Grandma’s Kitchen and Books candles to give your host all the warm fuzzies.

Marble and Copper Monogram Board - $31.96

We love anything and everything marble, so this gorgeous board is a no-brainer—especially since you can add a personal touch with a copper monogram. A stylish surface for prepping food or displaying it, your hostess will love adding this chic piece to her arsenal of kitchen entertainment.

Nike SB: The Dunk Book - $35

A striking coffee table book comes across much more thoughtful and memorable than any bottle of champagne; it’ll be sure to inspire, entertain and add ambiance to any living space. Great options range from fashion to design to travel, but we’re partial to this one with stunning images that tell the visual story of Nike’s most iconic styles.

Monogram Aerating Wine Decanter - $43.95

Help your host take her home bar up a notch with this elegant glass decanter. It holds an entire bottle of wine, plus the little personalized monogram initial is the perfect, little touch to make it feel special.

Splash Tunes Dual Wireless Speaker - $44

The fact that this is waterproof sold us from the get-go (bathtub karaoke just might become your hostess’ new passion, who knows?). It’s compatible with iPhones, Androids and other Bluetooth-enabled devices, plus it looks ridiculously chic sitting around the house.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket - $49.97

There’s probably nothing better than curling up under a warm, soft blanket on a freezing winter night (hot toddy in hand, of course). Touted as “world’s coziest and most luxurious blanket” AND one of Oprah’s Favorite Things? We might be buying one of these babies for ourselves too, as well as our gracious host. Grab one asap at Nordstrom Rack— they sell out quick!

Glam Pitcher + Stirrer Set - $58

Help your host glam up his or her dining table or bar with this gorgeous pitcher and stirrer set, available at Anthropologie. The gleaming gold truly puts us in the holiday spirit just by looking at it.

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