Weekly Top 5: Keeping Your Immune System in Check

Weekly Top 5: Keeping Your Immune System in Check

Hey there! I’m Juliann! I’ve been with Strategic for the past 5 years, starting out on the opening team at Pinewood Social. These days, my main focus is planning events at Pinewood Social, but I’ll pop around different properties and off-site events as needed! This time of year is the most crazy, so being sick is really not an option. Luckily, I’ve never had to take a sick day, and hopefully you won’t have to either after using some of these tricks!

There are a ton of products out there intended to fight back if you have caught something already (Zicam, Cold-Eze), which are great, but I am focusing on preventative tricks, rather than the you-already-caught-something methods, so we won’t be diving into those here. Good luck this cold season, and stay healthy!


1. Emergen-C Immune+

This is my go-to during the cold/flu season! And not just this time of year, but anytime when I’m traveling or feeling run down. I like to think of this as my daily vitamin of the bunch! When the weather gets colder (or anytime I hear of illnesses going around), I try to have at least one per day to try and help boost my immune system. Plenty of flavors are available on Amazon, but you just have to make sure to get the Immune+ line. These powerful packs have added bonuses like zinc and Vitamin D, in addition to their already standard blast of Vitamin C.  I always keep a box on hand so I can start taking it immediately if I’m feeling not so great or think I may be coming down with something - I’ll take 3-4 daily for that extra punch! Of course, I’m no doctor, but I do know these vitamins will… “leave your system” if you take more than your body can absorb.

2. Nature’s Way Organic Sambucus (Elderberry) Zinc Lozenges


I’ll start by saying these do not taste great, primarily due to them being high in zinc. If you haven’t had zinc lozenges before, your tongue feels pretty raw after these guys (and most food/drink tastes pretty terrible after having had a lozenge), but I keep in these in my car to have on hand while running errands, commuting, etc. While I wouldn’t say it’s in my daily rotation like the essential oil or Emergen-C Immune+, they are super handy and potent during this season. I keep them in my glove box, just like a true grandma.

3. Sleep

This might not seem like much, but it’s absolutely true that a good, long night’s sleep really does help your body fight back everything it’s exposed to. So, this is moreso a friendly reminder to give your body what it needs!

4. Spice up your hydration

Also along the lines of easy things you can do to help your body —drink lots of water to keep every single cell, hydrated and ready to fight off germs. I love keeping tea bags with me and putting them in my glass or water bottle (even if the water is just room temp) as a way to make my water a little more interesting, which makes me more likely to drink it throughout the day.. It easily keeps me hydrated without having to work too hard at it! Even better, pick a tea with immune-boosting properties like green tea, or this one by Traditional Medicinals, which you can find at most grocery stores!

5. Essential Oil Diffuser with doTERRA’s OnGuard


This is by far the best immune system fighter in the bunch. If you do anything this cold and flu season for your immune system, get a diffuser. Since using the diffuser with the OnGuard essential oil by doTERRA, I have yet to get a cold, which is HUGE for me (as somebody who previously would get at least two during the wintertime).

If you haven’t heard the good news of essential oil diffusers, this is a device that looks like a mini humidifier --not the wooden sticks you see in open bottles of perfume oil on the back of a toilet. Lately, I’ve been seeing diffusers everywhere, so they are easy to find! Pick one up, along with doTERRA’s OnGuard blend, which you can buy through their website, or even more easily, through an independent doTERRA rep

It’s rare that I sleep without it, and the OnGuard blend couldn’t be more perfect for the fall and winter season. It’s a comforting oil that smells of orange peel and warm spice, like cinnamon and cloves, all with the beneficial properties aiding your immune system. I truly think it works wonders and this one is a major game changer for me! This stuff is a must-do during my bedtime routine, and I feel weird when I am not sleeping with it billowing next to my bed.  There are a variety of ways in which to use essential oils and/or OnGuard, too. My colleague Tara makes roller balls of OnGuard (and oregano and Melaleuca) and applies the oils to herself and both of her children every morning and night (or anytime they are about to go somewhere where there are lots of germs, like a bounce house!) during this time of year. She swears it reduces colds and all you have to do is apply the oils to the bottoms of your feet or up and down on your spine.  

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