The Best Budget-Friendly Rosés You Should Be Drinking Right Now

The Best Budget-Friendly Rosés You Should Be Drinking Right Now

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Although some say rosé is perhaps the oldest known style of wine, it hasn’t always been the most popular...until recently. Pink wine has had a renaissance of sorts over the past decade with its popularity skyrocketing and its placement in pop culture and social media becoming almost omnipresent. Rosé has transitioned from a pink wine to a full-fledged lifestyle product; it’s turned into a necessity, a must-have, a way of life.

From the proliferation of the popular phrase-turned-hashtag “rosé all day,”  to the to the birth of tongue-in-cheek wine labels like White Girl Rosé (even to the increased appreciation for just rosé -as in the color!), the pink drink is everywhere. And everybody wants in on it. Us included.

But how, pray tell, are we supposed to fulfill our desires for continually crushing this easy-drinking vino if we’ve gotta pick between snagging bottle of the good stuff or paying this month’s car payment? We don’t. Contrary to popular belief, quality rosé doesn’t have to be expensive — nor does it actually have to be French!

That’s why we’ve conferred with a few of our Strategic Hospitality beverage buffs to compile a list of the best budget rosés that you need to be drinking right now. Matt Tocco, beverage director for Strategic Hospitality, Kristina Shoemate general manager and in-house wine guru for Le Sel, and Allie Poindexter, general manager and sommelier for Henrietta Red we’re kind enough to offer up their favorite [affordable] selections.

After all, these three get it: they’re drinking the juice and we’re slurping down what they’re pouring up. Because rosé is not just pink wine: it’s a lifestyle.

Cortijo Rioja Rosado - $10

Hailing from the Rioja region in Spain this rosado is dry, slightly fruity and obviously very reasonably priced. Although referred to as a “rosado” instead of a “rosé,” the process, technique and Provencal style are overall the same. (When it all boils down, rosado is the Spanish word for pink, whereas the French use the word rosé.) A selection from Matt Tocco, he remarked: “I texted Will [the owner of Woodland Wine Merchant] and asked for their best value bottle of rosé. He replied to me with this one and followed it with like, 10 fire emojis.” ‘Nuff said.

Le Provençal Côtes de Provence Rosé - $12

This fruit-forward rosé comes in an hourglass shaped bottle that’s just as sensual as the drink itself. With flavors of strawberry, melon and grapefruit, this summery wine is lip-smackingly refreshing. Le Sel’s own Kristina Shoemate selected this bottle for our budget-conscious drinkers. “I’m not normally a fan of provencal wines, as I find them to be very dry and boring, but I do love this one! It has a ton of ripe fruit flavor but is also refreshing enough to be a patio pounder.”

Château Mourges du Grès Rosé - $12

This selection has a deep, almost ruby-pink color but it’s crisp and acidic on the palate. “It’s a really nice, quality rosé for the price” says Allie Poindexter of Henrietta Red, where this selection is currently available by-the-bottle. “I like a super fruity rosé sometimes, but I most often want something light, earthy and high acid that pairs well with lighter foods. This is definitely one of those rosés.” A couple dozen oysters would sure pair nicely here!

Louis de Grenelle - $15

The only bottle of bubbly selected for our roundup, Louis de Grenelle comes highly recommended from Kristina. Whereas often sparkling wines can land on polarizing ends of the spectrum -- either far too sweet or way too dry -- she recommends this selection for perfectly hitting the middle sweet spot. “The cab franc gives it enough flavor to feel like you are actually drinking something tasty, instead of just bubbly pink water.” So, go on and don’t be shy about it. Open a bottle of pink bub and celebrate the lifestyle!

From the Tank Rosé - $28

We know, we know: the $28 price tag is a bit of a fright. That’s why we saved it for last. But realistically, From the Tank Rosé may have friendliest price tag of all the wines on this list - it’s boxed! So not only do those 28 bucks afford you the volume of three standard bottles, but you also benefit from a far longer shelf life from cork to consumption. Win! From the Tank uses high quality, organic, sustainable, and hand-harvested grapes and they also use more eco-friendly packaging materials that help to reduce their carbon footprint. So you can feel good about drinking large volumes of rosé while also feeling goooooood drinking large volumes of rosé. Plus, it’s actually French! From natural wine importers, Jenny and François, this blend of syrah and grenache is dry, acidic and super easy to drink all. day. long. Plus, all three wine experts polled for this article (Matt, Kristina and Allie) vehemently agreed!

Note: Pricing in this post is based upon prices listed at Woodland Wine Merchant. Haven’t visited them yet? You should! Pricing may vary at other stores.

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