Ready Yourself for the Primary Elections and Rock The Vote on August 2nd

Ready Yourself for the Primary Elections and Rock The Vote on August 2nd

Regardless of which side of the isle you stand politically, exercising your right to vote is important: it gives you a voice, it offers you control, and it grants you power. So with the upcoming State Primary Elections less than a week away, we want to make sure you have the information you need to enter the voting booth with confidence.

Have you decided who you’ll be voting for on August 2nd? (Or heck, on November 6th?) The multitude of commercials airing on television and the abundance of yard signs all over town can make it challenging to figure out who’s who and what’s what (even we had some trouble navigating the political rigamarole when we began to write this piece!) but we’re committed to the vote and we think you should be too.

That’s why we’re striving to make this whole electoral process just a little more comprehensible: we’ve put together the following *State Primary Election Guidelines.*

Will we elect Nashville’s former Mayor Karl Dean into office as governor? Or will we vote in our state’s first-ever female governor with Beth Harwell and Diane Black on the ballot?

Will former Governor Phil Bredesen take Bob Corker’s seat in the U.S. Senate? Or will Marsha Blackburn be the one heading to Washington to fulfill Tennessee’s senatorial duties? Only your votes will give us the answer.

Your voice and your vote matter — and they can (and do!) make a difference. So do your research. Make an informed decision. Exercise your constitutional right to vote, and be a part of enacting the change you want for the future!




State Democratic & Republican Primary Elections
Thursday, August 2nd 2018

  • Governor

  • U.S. Senate

  • U.S. House of Representatives  

  • Tennessee Senate

  • Tennessee House of Representatives

  • State Executive Committee


We hear you. Check out some of the resources below:

The Tristar State Podcast

There’s a ton of information to weed through, but fortunately NPR has done a pretty fantastic job of making sense of it all. Their podcast, The Tristar State focuses on Tennessee politics, explaining what’s happening at the state capitol and beyond. Best of all, each episode is only 2 - 6 minutes long. Quite conveniently, they’ve also created this webpage, which pulls episodes that exclusively focus on the gubernatorial campaign -- so at least it’ll be easier to make your selection in that category!

Where Tennessee’s Senate Candidates Stand on the Big Issues from The Tennessean

When Bob Corker (R) announced his retirement from his seat in the U.S. Senate last year, the question of who would fill his space became a hot topic. Because Republicans only have a slim majority in the senate, the loss of Corker could mean big changes. Check out The Tennessean’s article, which takes a look at the two most popular candidates for Tennessee's newest senator.


Note: this is not a comprehensive list; not every candidate in every category is included. For a complete list of candidates in every category, please visit our links above in the "WHO You'll Be Voting For" section.

Candidates for Governor:

Diane Black (R) -
Randy Boyd (R) -
Karl Dean (D) -
Craig Fitzhugh (D) -
Beth Harwell (R) -
Bill Lee (R) -

Candidates for Senate:

Marsha Blackburn (R) -
Phil Bredesen (D) -

Want to get more involved with Tennessee Politics outside of just the primary election? Check out the ALCU Tennessee.



Don’t know where to vote on election day? We've got you covered.


Not already registered to vote? You've gotta do that! Register now.*

*Unfortunately registration for the August 2nd election is already closed, but you should still register! That way you’ll be able to vote in all upcoming elections -- including the General Election (the big one!) on November 6th.


Want to be able to tap into all of this logistical information in one fell swoop? Download the GoVoteTN App on your phone.

Do you have other resources you’d like to share? Make a comment or share the links in our comment section below!

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