Weekly Top 5: Vacation Necessities

Weekly Top 5: Vacation Necessities

By Max Goldberg

Hope you all had an amazing 4th! Max here, giving my WTF

My family and I spent the week in Seaside, Florida, swimming, eating ice cream, playing golf, and watching the fireworks on the beach. It was a great trip; because it’s not very often I get to spend that much time with my family just hanging out. I especially love getting to play with my niece and nephews because, well, I’m really just a giant kid myself.

For this week’s Weekly Top Five, I pulled together this list of things I like to have on my vacation to help make it all a bit more fun!

1. Faherty Brand

When I was a freshman in college I met Mike Faherty when he was in fashion design school at Wash U. Then we both ended up living in New York and I met his brother Alex and we all became great friends. The Fahertys started their clothing brand after I had already moved back to Nashville and I have always loved everything they create. Benjamin and I often find ourselves wearing the same outfit, and being on vacation was no different – we wore the same bathing suit on the first day.

2. Crowned Heads Luminosa Cigar

It’s the perfect mild cigar, a very smooth and flavorful smoke. I find it to be perfectly suited for whatever I’m doing, whether I’m playing golf or just unwinding after a long day. I love the guys at Crowned Heads, which is based here in Nashville. You can find their cigars at any local cigar shop or you can order them directly off the Crowned Heads website.


3. Willett + Corsair Spirits

Because every family vacay requires a little alcohol!  Willett Distillery, located in Bardstown, Kentucky, makes some of the best whiskeys. Drew Kulsveen, the fifth generation master distiller, is a great guy and when I’m lucky enough to get some of the Willett Family Estate Bottled Bourbon, which you can only pick up at their distillery, I am one happy dude. The tour at the distillery is top notch and I highly recommend it as a stop on the bourbon trail. If you decide to go, grab me a bottle of the Family Estate, I’ll pay you back!

Corsair Distillery, founded by Nashville native Derek Bell (also a close friend of mine and a member of my EO forum) makes some amazing spirits. I specifically like the Triple Smoke whiskey, which I enjoy in a rocks glass with one ice cube.

4. AquaMask

I freaking love my AquaMask snorkel. I take it on every trip that includes a body of water, and I am regularly seen using it in my pool at home. I don’t really even know why I’m so obsessed with it other than I love being able to swim underwater and feel like I’m one with the fish. Or maybe it’s cause I secretly wish I were a  shark...which leads me to my final selection for this week's Top 5:

5. @OceanRamsey on Instagram

She is an advocate for shark conservation, which I am all for. I have loved sharks since I was 3 years old and feel like TV shows and movies have given them such a bad rap. Ocean is a marine biologist, striving to teach people all over the world about marine life: the importance of conservation and the misperceptions society has about sharks. Her conservation group is called One Ocean Conservation  and her site also has some great info about ways to #savetheocean. Ocean’s photos have inspired me to free dive in the open water with sharks off Guadalupe Island this coming December and I cannot wait.

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