Weekly Top 5: Maddie Adams

Weekly Top 5: Maddie Adams

It’s hard to believe summer is almost over. The grocery stores are already getting geared up for Halloween. Tomorrow I’ll sneeze, and the department stores will be decked out for Christmas. Next thing you know, we’ll be scrambling to figure out New Year’s plans — even though they’re the worst kinds of plans to make. I’ve been really into the song “Best Days” by Lissie of late. The chorus goes, “Cause the best days of my life are coming for me, waiting to be realized. I keep my eye on that prize. If the best days that I know are just in the past, am I gonna last forever? I want more best days.”

If you ask me, some of the best days are coming up soon: sweater weather, my wedding (!), bonfires, tailgates, Thanksgiving, more time with family. And while I’m certainly looking forward to all of those things as they quickly approach, I’m trying to stay aware of the current days and present things that I’ve got going in. Who knows, maybe these are my best days? Below is my Weekly Top 5, things that are letting me to live my best life...right now:


1. Insecure on HBO

Insecure officially launched its third season on Sunday, August 12th, and I’ve been devouring every episode of the critically acclaimed show every Sunday night at 9:30 CST on the dot. Since its debut in 2016, Insecure has had me captivated; the show is smart, witty, a little bit daring, a lot bit fun, and overall pretty damn relatable. Leading lady Issa Rae is a twenty-nine-year-old black woman struggling to find her way through the muck of being a young person in Los Angeles. She works for a non-profit where she is underutilized and underappreciated, she has a close group of girlfriends who all seem to have their shit way more together than she does, and her love life is allll sorts of fucked up. The show is reminiscent of another popular HBO series called Girls, except it features an almost all-black leading cast, dives deep into social issues, racial issues, and “‘the complexities of ‘blackness,’” and involves a helluva lot less whining. Phew! With 30-minute episodes, it’s an easy and fun watch, and at just two seasons + two episodes in its arsenal thus far, you’ll have no problem bingeing it all on a lazy Friday night. Grab a bottle of wine and GO!

Psst - Hot Tip: Due to the holiday on Monday, this weekend HBO is airing the newest episode of Insecure on Friday morning instead of Sunday. That means TODAY! Labor Day weekend, kicking off riiiiight.

2. Maison Louise Marie No. 4 Perfume Oil

I first fell in love with this scent about a year and a half ago. I was researching wedding venues and met Chandra Watson while touring The Cordelle. Her scent, woodsy but sweet with lots of sandalwood and a bit of amber, stuck to me long after I shook her hand and it was stamped in my brain forever! It was probably six months later when I ran into her again, at a fancy-pants Garden & Gun dinner where I had the fortune to be seated right next to her. I couldn’t help but ask about her delicious scent and she happily divulged. Since then, I’ve purchased a bottle of the stuff for myself and now I, too, am the target of curious strangers and the recipient of drunken smiles, intoxicated by the smell of my perfume. The bottle contains only half an ounce of perfume oil, which does seem meagre, but I promise the stuff lasts longer than you’d think. Plus, it’ll help you make new friends.


3. Dining In by Alison Roman

Dining In by Alison Roman is kind of like the “cool girl in school” of cookbooks. Unlike the class valedictorian who is too smart to carry on a casual conversation or do anything “normal” with the rest of her peers, Dining In is approachable and down to earth. And dissimilar to the prom queen, who is hands-down the most beautiful specimen in school but sadly doesn’t have the GPA to match, Dining In is gorgeous, funny, and informative — a real homerun. Alison Roman’s cookbook has it all: beautiful photos, usable recipes, and an easy-breezy, approachable attitude that makes cooking and eating at home both achievable and enjoyable. The ingredients aren’t incredibly far-fetched and the preparation is typically (from what I’ve seen thus far) fairly easy. A yoga students of mine recently gifted me this book as a wedding present and I almost cried when I opened the package. I’ve been a fan of Alison’s Salted Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies, pictured above, for a long time now (a recipe that I found on New York Times Cooking but was first made famous via this, her first cookbook) and after having the book in my possession for a grand total of four days, I’ve already bookmarked at least a dozen pages.

4. The Sarka Pilsner from Jackalope’s new spot, The Ranch

I know, I know - I literally just wrote about Jackalope’s brand new Ranch a week and a half ago. But now that its doors have opened and I’ve had myself a taste, it only makes sense for it to be included in my WTF. When I stopped by on their official grand opening day last Saturday, I satisfied my thirst with a pint of their new pilsner, The Sarka. And oooh-wee did it hit the spot! It's crisp and light, but still flavorful and V refreshing. The Sarka pils is not available for retail currently (so, you can’t find it anywhere but The Ranch) but let me tell you what, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a game of shuffleboard and an afternoon spent on a patio.

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 12.59.14 PM.png

5. The Promise of Football Season

Picture this: It’s Sunday afternoon. The sun is out and the temperature is lingering between 55 and 75 degrees. Farenheit. You’re wearing your favorite jersey, favorite pair of jeans, and your favorite pair of trendy-yet-comfortable shoes (Personally, I’m wearing my Tretorns). There’s a light breeze in the air. In your right hand, you’ve got an ice cold pint of beer; in your left hand, a buffalo chicken wing. You could be sitting on a couch, perched at a bar, or living large in a plastic red stadium seat, but regardless of where your butt is, your eyes are glued to the field. The whistle blows. The ball snaps. And it’s only noon.  
……….I meannnnn is there anything better?? Regular season officially starts September 6th.

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