Five Wines to Drink this Fall

Five Wines to Drink this Fall

Calendars. Never have I seen an everyday object receive so much trust and disbelief simultaneously. But alas. According to the calendar, fall has officially arrived. And even though they may currently feel a little out of place, I’ve assembled a roundup of wines to go along with the inevitable potlucks and gatherings that will take place this autumn. While it is a diverse lineup, all of these bottles should fit in nicely with the smorgasbord of fruits, vegetables, and meats of the season.

Each bottle can be found in various wine stores all over Nashville, so go on and give one (or all) a try. Then let us know what you think!

- Alex Burch, Wine Director at Bastion



Fall Wine Hit List

1. La Collina, Malvasia dell'Emilia Lunaris Secco
Emilia-Romagna, Italy

La Collina is a co-op that was started by 12 young farmers in 1975. Organic and biodynamic, the Lunaris Secco is much more expressive than a glass of traditional prosecco. It’s gold in color with notes of apple, candied citrus, and honey with a nice, dry finish. This works great with lighter dishes and proteins; think seafood and chicken.

Find it at: Woodland Wine Merchant, Grand Cru Wine & Spirits, Harvest Wine Market

2. Milan Nestarec, Forks & Knives White (2016)
Moravia, Czech Republic

Probably the hippest wine on this list, Milan Nestarec’s Müller-Thurgau grapes spend their first 10 days fermenting on the skins (not a common practice for white wines, which are typically fermented without the skins). The winemaker practices organic and natural farming methods and uses no herbicides or sulphur. This wine is loaded with aromas of yellow apple, white peach, and marzipan. It’s unfiltered and you’ll notice. This one goes nicely with pork chops and baked apples.

Find it at: Woodland Wine Merchant, The Wine Shoppe, RED Spirits & Wine

3. Giornata, Ramato (2016)
Avila Beach, San Luis Obispo, California

Giornata is California-based winery focused on producing Italian varietals, and their Ramato can be a difficult one to classify. The color ranges from copper (the direct translation of Ramato) to pink. So, is it rosé? Is it orange wine? Neither. A little known fact about Pinot Grigio is that the skins start to turn copper/pink with enough time on the vine. Combine that with 90 days of skin contact (adding more color and texture), an additional nine months in terra cotta amphorae, and no filtration, and you end up with Giornata’s Ramato. For me, this is a really cool rosé alternative that seems familiar, yet completely new at the same time. Enjoy the Ramato with a roast chicken or a nice piece of salmon.

Find it at: Harvest Wine Market

4. Château Cambon, Beaujolais (2016)
Beaujolais, France

If Beaujolais were a person, they’d probably be wearing a ratty tee, dark jeans, and a denim jacket, sipping a beer at 3 Crow. Cool, but not too cool (coincidentally a great serving temperature as well). Beaujolais is an easy choice for fall. Bright and playful, with complexity that doesn’t complicate. I’ll stop waxing poetic. Try it with pork. Try it with fish. Try it with steak and mushrooms. It’s got your back. Light, bright, tart red berries, and just the right amount of earth, what can go wrong? This specific bottling punches above its weight class and the vineyard hasn’t seen chemicals or inorganic fertilizers for 85 years.

Find it at: Woodland Wine Merchant, The Wine Shoppe, RED Wine & Spirits, Harvest Wine Market

5. Franck Balthazar, Côtes-du-Rhône (2016)
Rhône Valley, Southern France

Franck Balthazar’s Côtes-du-Rhône is one of my favorite value wines of late. Contrary to most, this Côtes-du-Rhône is a blend dominated by Syrah with the balance made up of Grenache. With a mix of dark fruits and a touch of black pepper, Balthazar’s Côtes-du-Rhône is difficult not to like, especially next to roast duck breast or another bolder protein.

Find it at: Woodland Wine Merchant, Harvest Wine Market

scott-warman-525484-unsplash (1).jpg

Featured Wine Stores:

Woodland Wine Merchant | East Nashville | 1001 Woodland St
Grand Cru Wine & Spirits | Sylvan Park | 3433 Murphy Rd
The Wine Shoppe | Green Hills | 2109 Abbott Martin Rd
RED Spirits & Wine | Bellevue | 7066 Highway 70 S
Harvest Wine Market | Belle Meade | 6043 Highway 100

Did you find one (or many!) of these labels at a wine store not mentioned here? Let us know in the comment section below and we’ll make an update!

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