Weekly Top 5: Reasons We're Excited About the Downtown Sporting Club

Weekly Top 5: Reasons We're Excited About the Downtown Sporting Club

1.  We’ll have access to delicious food on Broadway 22 hours a day.
(It doesn’t hurt that Levon Wallace is behind the menu.)

2.  Axe throwing will become my new form of stress relief.

3.  There will finally be a place I can afford to put up my in-laws when they come to visit ... because 1600 square feet gets real small real fast.

4.  Well...every rooftop deserves a bar!

5.  Because change, while sometimes scary, usually ends up being a pretty good thing.



With far too many fond memories residing in the big, teal structure that sits smack in-between 3rd and 4th Avenue, we couldn’t allow the sale of said building to relinquish control to someone else. Thus, the Downtown Sporting Club, Strategic Hospitality’s newest project from our fearless leaders Benjamin and Max Goldberg, will offer a different experience than what is typical to the neon landscape of Lower Broad.

The Downtown Sporting Club, which will occupy all four floors and encompass all 42,000 square feet of the now-empty building at 411 Broadway, will provide downtown Nashville with more than live music and a good time. Shying away from the current trends that have recently sprung up across Music City’s main strip, the Downtown Sporting Club will be an alternative to the ever-popular honky tonk scene. Each of the four floors will offer a distinct experience, and each will be a unique addition to the fabric of Broadway. And most importantly, it will offer a good time.

The first floor, which will operate largely as both a communal space and a restaurant, will entice tourists and locals alike. Guest will be greeted by three distinct areas upon entering: a Crema, coffee roasters outpost; a small retail area; and a large information desk offering info pertinent to both the Downtown Sporting Club and the greater Nashville area. Additionally, casual and comfortable seating will be sprinkled throughout the floor making it a great spot to gain respite from the pandemonium of Broadway. Behind two glass doors, the restaurant, led by Chef Levon Wallace, will occupy the remainder of the first floor. With service from breakfast to late-night, plus the genuine hospitality and thoughtful cocktail programs for which Strategic Hospitality is known, the first floor of the Downtown Sporting Club will offer something for everyone from the wee hours until...well, the wee hours.

While the first floor will be a welcome spot to sit back, relax and enjoy a breather from outside, the second floor will have a far different vibe: it’s where the action’s at. Known as The Rec Room, this is where Nashville will go to be a [big] kid again. As the name suggests, The Rec Room will offer all sorts of recreation, from old-fashioned video games to a screening room with a 13-foot television screen — the ultimate spot for watching your team play on Sunday afternoon. With full food and beverage options, The Rec Room just *might* be better than watching your team from the view of your stadium seat. What’s more, the back half of the 2nd floor will be dedicated to axe throwing, a sport similar to throwing darts, albeit with much larger and sharper objects. The goal, however, remains the same: throw your axe straight into the bullseye.

Simply called the sleeping quarters, the third floor is where guests will sleep. King, queen, and bunk bed rooms will be available for reservation and best of all, will be done so at a price point that’s much more affordable than most other Nashville hotels. Equally as exciting, overnight guests of the Downtown Sporting Club will have the opportunity to have their entire stay curated by Strategic Hospitality: SH can suggest activities, plan itineraries, and go so far as to make reservations at our favorite spots — both in and outside of the Strategic Hospitality portfolio.

Last but certainly not least, the intimate garden-inspired rooftop will be an idyllic spot for drinks with friends or a romantic cocktail with a loved one. Fire pits, portable seating and lush trellises will provide a cozy getaway, lofted above the neon lights. With plans for activities such as outdoor yoga classes in the spring and game nights in the fall, the rooftop will also be a vibrant place to host fun outdoor events.

Although it may seem like a lot to accomplish in the next several months, the Downtown Sporting Club intends to open in the Spring of 2019.

So, hold onto your hat, folks — it’s gonna be a good ride. And we know the destination will be well worth the trip!



What do you think about the Downtown Sporting Club? Let us know in the comments below.

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