Weekly Top 5: Ways to Survive This Awfully Rainy February

Weekly Top 5: Ways to Survive This Awfully Rainy February

In my mind, February is spelled “Februaaaaaaaaaaaaaary” because it feels like it goes on forever! I mean thank goodness it is the shortest month on the calendar because it definitely doesn’t seem like it. At this point, I am tired of the entire winter season. I am done with cold days, early sunsets, and basically every single thing in my closet. And I know I’m not alone because my BV girls are in the same boat: USS Over It. So we collectively decided to rally the last bits of enthusiasm and cheer we could find to figure out how to get through the last week of this rainy, blah month. -Tara

Maybe one (or all!) of this week’s Top 5 will be just the lifejacket you need to get through the last bit of February doldrums.

1. Get Out! - Jordan

Going a little stir crazy?  We gotchu....and so does Nashville, because there are SO many great options for getting out of the house — even if it’s monsooning.  Spend your day at Pinewood, working through breakfast and lunch and then celebrating that hard work with dinner and a drink at the bowling lanes. Or grab your family and friends for a trip to the Frist Art Museum - their Van Gogh / Monet / Degas exhibit is to die for.  Catch a flick at the iconic Belcourt Theatre or take a swing at TopGolf, where you’re still kind of outside but protected from all the nasty stuff.


2. Cheer Yourself UpTara

No sun in our cloudy Nashville sky? Make your own sunshine with a happy lamp. Light therapy has been proven to be an effective way to fight S.A.D. (seasonal affective disorder) by increasing your vitamin D and your serotonin — the happy hormone. Use it early in the day for anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours and you just might feel yourself perk right up. While you’re at it, diffuse some energizing essential oils. Or, if you’re like me and sometimes think even diffusing can be too much work, you can put a couple drops of oil in your hands, rub them together, and breathe deep. A few good inhales of something like DoTerra’s Motivate or Wild Orange really can clear my mind in a matter of minutes.

3. Get the Right GearMaddie

Ain’t nobody tryna get soaked to the bone. Playing in the rain might be fun in July, but in the frigid chill of winter it plain sucks soaks. Proper gear is paramount: an umbrella, a waterproof jacket, and some rain-ready shoes. Perfect for being outdoorsy, I found this great REI Co-Op waterproof rain jacket (for just $50!) before leaving for my adventure-filled honeymoon in Peru. It’s compact-able, super lightweight, and it kept me dry all day, every day. Looking for something a little more fashion-forward? We’re obsessed with these brightly colored Cotopaxi jackets for both men and women, and I’m personally very in love with this black Rain Drop Jacket from Athleta. For overhead rain coverage I picked up a fantastic, yet-to-be-broken-even-after-three-months umbrella from Costco...for just ten freaking bucks! Heck, you could go ahead and buy three or four of ‘em, knowing it’ll eventually break or inevitably get lost. And while I’m very partial to both my L.L.Bean shoes and my fur-lined L.L.Bean boots for keeping my feet dry (Psst - Max wears this version, while Ben likes the taller ones) I’m also slightly envious of these cutie booties that my colleague Simone’s been sporting. With all of this gear in your arsenal, you’ll not only stay dry in this nasty weather, you’ll also look F L Y!


4. Eat and Eat and EatJordan

Sure, I know I gave some suggestions for getting out of the house earlier on...but in reality, I also like to cozy up at home. Cold, dreary weather is the best time for me to stay out of that mess and stay in the kitchen.  Fill up your body (and your freezer!) with our favorite hibernation-worthy kitchen projects -- like this Southern Chicken Pot Pie (it has biscuit topping!) or The Stew you keep hearing about from Alison Roman.  Basically’s Black Bean Soup is a comfort-inducing and all-too-easy recipe that is high in flavor and also in leftovers.  Or target your sweet tooth and make the swap from measuring cup to kitchen scale like Maddie did with these molasses sugar butter cookies.  If you’re craving a challenge and wanting a taste of what’s outside your four walls, try recreating Bastion’s famous nachos...and if your mouth is watering but that recipe looks like too much work to you, Bastion is just a hop, skip and a jump away!

5. NestTara

Some days, getting out of the house isn’t meant to be. Maybe your pj’s are just too comfy, or maybe that torrential rain just won’t stop. There are lots of great option for things to do at home: – it could be time to clean out your closet, try a new puzzle, or read a good book. If you can do those things, well, I’m jealous. But if you’re like me and you have small humans at home that don’t let you binge Netflix all day (think long and hard about that friends, the struggle is real!) check out @busytoddler on Instagram. I just found this mom of three on Insta recently and she is killing it with her suggestions of activities and games for your kids that you can create with things you have around the house. Think cookie sheets, painters tape, and Post It Notes. She’s like, a resourceful wizard who will help you occupy those littles (and keep your sanity!) until bedtime.

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