Weekly Top 5: Tunes I'm Singing With The Windows Rolled Down

Weekly Top 5: Tunes I'm Singing With The Windows Rolled Down

Listen, I think we can all agree that the literal deluge of rain over the past three months has been a real downer, to say the least. (Yesterday, on Today, Al Roker verbatim told me that this has been the wettest season in Tennessee’s history. K?) So, I was beyond thrilled that the sun came out for the whole entire day last Sunday, and that it continued to make steady appearances throughout the week. And while I’ve loved getting to walk outside without being tethered to an umbrella, and I’ve very much appreciated the ability soak up a bit of vitamin D, one of my favorite side effects of sunny weather is the positive impact it’s had on my vehicular music time.

Sure, you can listen to music in the car while it’s raining, snowing, sleeting, or even while it’s just bitter f*cking cold out, but listening to music in the car when it’s sunny and warm is next level. The windows roll down, the sunroof goes back, and the music turns up. Loud. My hands stray from their traditional ten-and-two (shh, don’t tell the fuzz!) in favor of gripping my trusty, imaginary microphone or fist pumping to the beat of the music. I sing at the top of my lungs. I am ready for Saturday night karaoke.

This weekend looks to be primed for sunny, breezy drives and you can bet your booty, I’ll have the tunes cranked up high.

Check out my Weekly Top 5 Songs I’m Currently Digging — particularly when singing alone in the car.

1. My Year | GASHI, G-Eazy

I first heard this tune while sweating my butt off in spin class at TYLT last Saturday morning. “Y’all. I’m obsessed with this song,” said our instructor Paige, as the first few trickles of music came streaming through the speakers. We’d just finished climbing up a massive imaginary hill and my heart rate was sky-high; I was not prepared for another song full of ass-kicking. But as the beat in the music picked up, my legs did too. I made it through the song and the class feeling strong AF thanks to my new bud, GASHI…and okay, also thanks to Sucker by the JoBros which was our finale tune 😍

2. Back & Forth | MK, Jonas Blue, Becky Hill

The music video for this song is what made me fall in love with the tune right off the bat. It’s weird, but also hilarious. Basically, this regular ol’ guy catches a beat...that he just can’t shake. Just go watch it immediately. Okay? To be honest, it’s the ultra-contagious beat that has me legitimately addicted to this jam. I can’t help but tap my toe, shake by butt, and Night-At-The-Roxbury-style bop my head for the entire duration of the tune.

3. GIRL | Maren Morris

A huge fan of Maren Morris’ previous album, HERO, I was psyched when Spotify told me that her second solo album dropped last week. The first single, which shares the album title “GIRL,” has been all over the radio and I immediately dug it after my first listen. A mixture of both angst and empowerment, Maren tells us, “Girl don’t stop your cryin’. I know that you’re tryin’. Everything’s gonna be okay,” and sometimes hearing those very words is just what the doctor ordered. Especially if mom ain’t around to tell you herself. Thanks, Maren. ILYSM.

4. Me & My Dog | Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus

Soft but powerful, ethereal yet melancholy, this song is one that kind of goes straight to my soul. The harmonies of the three women, who together sound like literal, actual angels, make it a great one to sing along to and furthermore make it a tune I would rarely — if ever — fall sick of. Whether I’m soaking in the bath, cooking dinner, practicing yoga, or driving down the highway with the windows rolled down, I can guarantee this song suits the occasion.

5. Gold | Sister Sparrow

My current favorite belter, this song is the kind you just have to go for when you’re singing alone in the car: hold nothing back and sing it. Loud. The accompaniment of the horns and piano not only give sultry, jazz-bar-vibes, but also make it super groovy and easy to move to. Even if you’re stopped at a light with an unsavory stranger staring at you from their car window just 10 feet away….go ahead and let it out. As the song tells you: dig in!

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