Weekly Top 5: Events I'm Looking Forward To This Spring

Weekly Top 5: Events I'm Looking Forward To This Spring

I’m a Texas girl, born and raised, so I’m a liiiittle bit of a diva when it comes to cold weather. Basically, winter in Nashville fills me with absolute dread. I’m stuck in the house with two stir-crazy kids, we’re all taking turns being sick, my extremities freeze and go numb the second I even attempt to venture outside, I’m pale AF and, most importantly, I don’t look good in beanies, which is really inconvenient. Needless to say I’ve been counting down the days ‘til warmer weather arrives for good for quite some time now, daydreaming about finally being outdoors without wanting to curl up in the fetal position and sob.

Lucky for me, spring has sprung and there is hope again, everyone! Every time I see a flower sprouting or a tree blooming I want to cry tears of joy and relief, but mostly I just want to drink rosé on a patio while wearing a tank top.

So in honor of this glorious season, I’m highlighting a few of the events in Nashville that are getting me fired up to celebrate warmer weather. Whether you’re looking for kid-friendly activities to get everyone out of the house or a date night for you and Bae (do people still call their significant others “bae”? I’m unsure… please let me know so I can adjust accordingly), there’s something for everyone when it comes to springtime in Music City.

Weekly Top 5 Events I’m
Looking Forward To This Spring

1. NFL Draft (April 25 - April 27)

So, does it count as “looking forward to it” if you know you have no choice but to look forward to it? My husband works in sports—specifically football recruiting—so attending the NFL Draft festivities will be non-negotiable for us. I’m not really that much of a sports gal (read: I honestly, truly could not tell you what a “1st down” was if there was a million dollar prize at hand), but sports aside, having the NFL Draft in Music City is going to make for an awesome weekend; the city will be buzzing with excitement and anticipation, and I can get on board with that. There will also be live musical performances on Broadway that are free to the public, opportunities to meet your favorite sports stars, and games and activities for sports fans young and not-as-young. Plus, I think it’ll be quite entertaining to go downtown during the madness, post up with a drink, and watch all the crazy ass sports lunatics—I mean doting fans!—argue about which team is the best. Check out a schedule of all the festivities here. Goooo sports!

2. Nashville Wine & Food Festival (April 20)

If your hobbies include unique food, delicious wine and live music, then congratulations: your personal Super Bowl of sorts is occurring in a few short weeks. (See what I did there, continuing with the sporty sports talk? Try and keep up, everyone.) The Nashville Wine & Food Festival brings the whole community together around everyone’s shared love of eating and drinking really, really good things, and this year will be no exception. This yearly event features over 50 wineries, 20 local restaurants, 10+ breweries, and tons of local artisanal products. Guests will have a chance to not only sample each vendor’s goods but also meet the chefs and sommeliers behind the delectable dishes and great wines. Round out the experience by strolling through the beer garden,chatting with experienced brewers, and sampling a wide selection of their product. Alcohol, gluttonous amounts of food and fresh spring air: I honestly can’t think of a more heavenly spring day.

3. Cheekwood in Bloom (March 9 – April 7)

Cheekwood is a no-brainer when it comes to springtime magic, thanks to over 150,000 blooming bulbs scattered across the gorgeous 55-acre estate. Strolling through Cheekwood in Bloom is  perfect for a date with your boo or for you and your kids (except for those of you with toddlers who won’t be doing much “strolling”… swap that for “chasing maniac kids around while sweating and panting.” It’s fine; it’s exercise, right!?) With family-friendly activities, live music, crafts, tours, and even a beer garden, there’s something for everyone at this beautiful Nashville favorite.

4. Nashville Fashion Week (April 2 – April 6)

If you want to pretend like you’re not in Nashville and you’re actually gallivanting around NYC or Paris (I mean, it would take a FIERCE imagination…but you see where I’m going with this, right?) then Nashville Fashion Week is the week for you. During this week, we get the chance to celebrate Nashville’s upcoming fashion and retail community. You’ll find knowledgeable industry panels, swanky parties, educational workshops, and oh yeah—tons and tons of ridiculously good looking people (so bring your self-confidence, k?). The coolest part is that ticket proceeds from NFW benefit the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund, which gives an annual award to advance the career of select local talent with demonstrated experience in a fashion-related field and positively  impacts the Nashville fashion community. This one-of-a-kind event is gaining more momentum as the years go on and it will make you feel super proud of our city and its amazingly talented, creative entrepreneurs.

5. Rites of Spring (April 12 – April 13)

I’m always looking for things to make me feel young again, which is why Vanderbilt’s Rites of Spring always catches my eye. (Except, let’s be honest, I’ll probably feel very, very old—not unlike a geriatric patient—when I’m surrounded by 20-year-old college co-eds with perky boobs and rested eyes, and whose spirit a demanding toddler hasn’t yet broken…but, I digress.) For the past 48 years, Vanderbilt University has put on a weekend of live music showcasing artists from a wide range of genres. Best of all? The event isn’t limited to just Vandy students—everyone is welcome to come rock out and pretend they are cool again. With headlining acts like Moon Taxi and 21 Savage coupled with the smell of hope in the air that spring is finally upon us (well, and maybe the smell of weed in the air, too?) this fun-filled event is sure to lift your spirits and rock your socks off (because, who needs socks when sandal season is officially here?!) .

- We’re adding one more because we really are THAT excited for spring!! -

6. St. Jude Rock ‘N’ Roll Nashville Marathon (April 27 - April 28)

I’ve been training every single day for the past six months and I’m ready to lace up my shoes and—LOL, just kidding. I’m not running the marathon, nor have I ever run a marathon, nor do I have one smidge of desire to ever run a marathon! Actually, I don’t even a smidge of desire to run one lap around a track, BUT I’m still excited about this marathon because the energy around Nashville is always electric on the morning of the race. Every year we non-runners make big signs for our athletic friends and line the streets of Belmont cheering them on, enjoying the live music and just being a part of such a cool event in Nashville --without even  breaking a sweat. Whether you find a Belmont lawn to cheer from like us, or you have your own special spot for race spectating, it’s really powerful to see so many people come together and it’s always one of the most fun mornings of the season for our family.

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