Weekly Top 5: Reasons We're Excited for Sounds Season

Weekly Top 5: Reasons We're Excited for Sounds Season

Hearing the leather pop of a ball hitting a glove. Enjoying salty snacks in the sun. Casually lounging amongst good friends while tuning in and out of the game. These are some of my absolute favorite things about baseball season.

And while the crack of the bat at Greer Stadium was always a romantic, nostalgic throwback to what a ballpark was in the good ole days, Nashville has a shiny new stadium with so much more to offer than just baseball: we have a destination ballpark that has managed to highlight all of our favorite elements of the game in one brilliant package. We are now six days out from the 2019 season…and all of us here at BV could not be more thrilled for what’s to come just next week.

Weekly Top 5 Reasons We’re Excited
for Nashville Sounds Season

1. Fresh New Swag

During the offseason, the crew over at the Nashville Sounds have been hard at work releasing the a whole slew of really fun, really slick new branding. So with a fresh new season, you’ll also find some fresh new swag on the backs of those hard-working players on the field — and in the shops around the stadium! Not mad about an excuse to update my Sounds wardrobe…


2. Nachos, Hot Dogs, and Frozen Drinks Galore!

I know we’re biased, but can we all just agree that the food at The Band Box has taken our expectations of game day, stadium grub to a whole new level? I’m not entirely sure if the season will fully set in until I sit down with a big ole tray of nachos, a Band Box Dog, and a nice Frozen Whisky and Coke. Yes, all of that.

3. Guest Chef Pop-Ups at The Band Box

Speaking of The Band Box, there’s a whole new selection of guest chefs who will be cooking up some dreamy creations during each and every homestand this season. The full calendar hasn’t been released yet, but you can look forward to Chef Andy Little of Josephine, Chef Josh Habiger of Bastion, and Chef Jessica Benefield of Green Pheasant — just to name a few!

4. Newly Acquired MLB Affiliation

The Nashville Sounds will be repping a whole new team this season and are now the Triple-A affiliate for the Texas Rangers. This only means we’ll be getting more action, more excitement, and more amazing athletes to watch every game. Three cheers for that!

5. For the Love of Baseball

We’re just six days out….and we can barely contain our excitement!

Henrietta Red x TYLT Cycle = Patio Pounder

Henrietta Red x TYLT Cycle = Patio Pounder

The Band Box Offers a Revolution in Stadium Nachos

The Band Box Offers a Revolution in Stadium Nachos