Weekly Top 5: Things You Should Know About Downtown Sporting Club

Weekly Top 5: Things You Should Know About Downtown Sporting Club

It’s official: Strategic Hospitality’s newest project, Downtown Sporting Club, is getting mighty close to opening its doors to the public. But before the ribbon-cutting ceremony commences, we thought it might be wise to give you the scoop on some V. important information about the project overall.

For this week’s Weekly Top Five, we’re dishing Five Things You Should Know About The Downtown Sporting Club.

1. The Guest Rooms are Lit.

No seriously. Four out of the 16 the Guest Rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows that look right out onto Broadway and its wide array of neons — including the new, super-cool Downtown Sporting Club sign. But don’t worry: the rooms have blackout shades and curtains for when you’re done people-watching; that way you can control how much downtown tomfoolery you take in during your stay.  Aside from those rooms, there are 12 others that are equally as cool. Have a group of friends coming to town? Reserve a bunk bed room, furnished with two sets of full size bunks and a separate living room that includes a pull out. Or check out my favorite ones, the rooms that run along the side of the building that I have personally dubbed “cozy queens.” Yes, they are small but oh so comfy, and perfect for a good nights sleep after a busy day enjoying the city!  - Tara


2. There’s Food + Drink Aplenty

Sure, there’s been a lot of buzz and chatter about the axe throwing lanes and the hotel rooms that make up part of Downtown Sporting Club — and those two elements are, indeed, unique and exciting — but have you ever tried eating and drinking? Talk about a good time! Chef Amy Deaderick has been busting her chops to come up with distinct menus for not just one, but all three of the restaurants that live inside the building at 411 Broadway. And if the food we’ve been lucky enough to taste thus far is any indication….it’s going to blow your mind. In fact, mine is still on the mend.

Upon entering the building on the first floor, you’ll walk immediately into Carter Assembly, our café by day, bar by night. It’s open from 7am to 3am (!) which means you can get your fix at almost any time of day: from Crema coffee to boozy bevvies; from the cinnamon-sugar laden “Dad’s Toast” to some killer Cold Fried Chicken, Carter Assembly’s got you. Walk a little further and you’ll run right into The Ribbon Room, DSC’s primary restaurant. The relaxed yet refined space is the perfect for slowing down and enjoying some really excellent American fare. Excruciatingly simple yet eye-poppingly beautiful, I’m personally obsessed with both the Crudités with green goddess, and the Deviled Eggs with fried capers and aleppo. On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll definitely want to indulge in the Crab Dip, the Reuben Sandwich, and chef’s famous Scallops. And, oh! Dessert!! Save room for the *dessert cart*!! More casual bar-fare is available on the second floor, dubbed The R.E.C. Room, where Cauliflower Nuggets, Crispy Tuna Tacos, Chili Dogs, and Fried Avocado Sandwiches set the tone for this all-day menu. Hell f*cking yum!

And, y’all. We haven’t even scratched the surface of drinks yet. #HolyShot  Each of the aforementioned spaces boasts thoughtful drink menus, created largely by SH beverage director Matt Tocco. Order ethereal and refined cocktails from Carter Assembly; enjoy elevated, classic cocktails in The Ribbon Room; try playful, Tiki-inspired drinks, boilermakers, and shooters in the R.E.C. Room; and sip on whimsical, effervescent bevvies at the Rooftop Bar. And there’s beer and wine too! Can you taste it!? - Maddie

3. Axe Throwing Isn’t as Dangerous as You May Think…

Among the cornucopia of recreation that Downtown Sporting Club has to offer, what seems to have been the most talked about activity has hands-down been the axe throwing lanes — particularly the perceived risks they pose (ahem, I know everyone caught this post by Barstool Sports). Contrary to what has become popular belief, axe throwing is very safe! Especially since we have the axe coaches to facilitate the fun. In addition to teaching the correct throwing techniques and explaining the various games that can be played, axe coaches also keep score and place food and beverage orders for the players. They’re there to orchestrate the players’ experience and maintain a safe but entertaining game, from beginning to end.  So feel free to let your axe fly and keep the good times rolling...without fret! - Jordan

image 5.jpg

4. There’s A Lot of History in These Walls

The origins of this art deco building date way back to 1949 when it was originally constructed by the Carter family, who opened the first business here at 411 Broadway: Carter Hardware. Since then, the building has been inhabited by two furniture stores — first Sterchi’s, then Heilig-Meyer’s — before it sat empty for somewhere in the neighborhood of ten years. Strategic Hospitality’s own Benjamin Goldberg took a chance on the space in 2006, which was located “on the wrong side of Broadway,” to open up Paradise Park Trailer Resort on the ground floor, and the rest, as they say….is history!

Both Carter Assembly and The R.E.C. Room pay homage to the Carter family (R.E.C. are the initials of the original building owner, Richard Edward Carter), deepening the roots of Downtown Sporting Club’s history here on Broadway.

The big neon sign, which used to flash “Eat, Drink, Rock” to beckon partiers into Paradise Park has officially been transformed by Joslin & Sons Signs into its new iteration, broadcasting Downtown Sporting Club to passersby. And while the colors, text, and neon bulbs have all been made anew, the shape, frame and overall massive size from the OG sign remain the same! Codes and historic regulations now mandate smaller neon blade signs, the one at 411 Broadway has been grandfathered in. (Yessssss!!)

Pssst - The whole idea for Broad Varieties was conceived within the walls of the 411 Broadway building...and it was launched from here as well!! Just sayin. - Maddie

5. It’s Opening Next Week!!!!!

Okay, okay…the cat’s outta the bag: the Downtown Sporting Club is opening next week!

It’s been a long haul. Paradise Park closed in July and ever since, it’s been full steam ahead to convert the once-divided space inside 411 Broadway into one cohesive business. But the long days (and nights!) have been worth the work and the doors will open to YOU (and the other hundreds of thousands coming to Nashville for various reasons) next week! Are you ready to finally see what all the fuss is about? We sure are! - Tara

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