Weekly Top 5: Tips for Your Spring Garden

Weekly Top 5: Tips for Your Spring Garden

One of my (many) favorite things about the warmer weather is this newfound love I’ve found in growing my own herbs and vegetables.  You all may remember this article from last August where, with the help of my great friend and lead garden gal Sara Gasbarra of Verdura Gardens, I built a stunning herb garden in the backyard of my East Nashville home.

Plank by plank, we constructed the herb garden of my dreams...and to my dismay, Nashville had its first frost HELLA early (ummm...early October.  Still mad, mother nature, still mad). Needless to say, nearly everything died -- except for the oregano and the chives...that shiz held on strong!  Lucky for me, winter ended early and here I am today, eager to get my garden back up and running for the springtime.  So what did I do? I called Sara and we got to work!

Weekly Top Five: Ways to Spruce Up Your Garden for Spring

1. Dig out all the old, dead stuff and turn your existing soil

You’re going to want to start the season with nice, freshly turned soil. Don’t worry about being delicate here, just rip out everything that’s dead and, using a garden claw or your very own claws, fluff that soil!

2. Amend your soil with the good stuff: compost!

Adding compost to your soil will rejuvenate it for the season.  Remove some of that soil you just turned and save it for a potted plant you might have.  Turn that compost into your bed until you have a good mixture of both. We went with Sara’s choice local company, The Compost Company.

3. Sow your seeds.

I was particularly excited for this as I have never, ever, planted seeds that would eventually  grow into a RADISH. Or a CARROT. This is still baffling to me, although Sara promises me they will grow.  We planted a variety of Johnny’s Selected Seeds - including carrots, kale, French breakfast radishes, and cilantro (probably my most purchased herb from the grocery store).  Just section off as many rows as you have seeds for, creating lines in the soil with your fingers, drop in your seeds, and cover ‘em up with soil.


Interested in some other great seed companies?

4. Water....and continue to water as necessary to provide ideal environment for germination 🌿

At this point in the process,  you’re not going to need to water it daily, as you would in the middle of summer. The weather is still cool in the spring, so just be sure to water it enough to ensure the soil is damp to the touch, but not overly saturated and soggy.

5. Wait patiently for your seedlings to emerge!

And what’s best?  Sara tells me that French breakfast radish seeds often begin to emerge in just a few days...meaning this girl will be snacking on some radishes w/ butter and salt way sooner than later!

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