Weekly Top 5: Ways to Spend Father's Day with Dad

Weekly Top 5: Ways to Spend Father's Day with Dad

In my 29 years of life, finding the right gift for my dad has never been a walk in the park. Of course, gifting something perfect is what I always want to do — I mean, he deserves it! Especially after years 16, 17, and 18 — but I cannot claim gift-giving-to-dad as my expertise. It's not because he's super particular or excessively picky, but when it all boils down, the guy pretty much has everything he needs. And furthermore, he says that what he doesn't need is more stuff. Heard, dad. Heard.

That being said, I do happen to know that there's one thing he could always use more of. No, not whiskey. More often than not, what my pops wants is just time together. Instead of spending money on something, I've discovered that what my dad really appreciates is hanging out! Whether it's over a glass of wine, at a concert or an art show, or even on an actual walk in the park, those moments hold way more value than a sleeve of golf balls or a new tie ever will.

So put down your wallet, folks! This year for Father's Day, we're offering five ways to spend time with dad this weekend.

1. Tandy Wilson Pop Up at The Band Box

There’s nothing that screams “Dad’s Day Out” louder  than an outing to the ballpark. And this Father’s Day you’re in luck, because not only is there a ballgame at 2:05pm (The Nashville Sounds are playing Salt Lake City), but local chef Tandy Wilson (you know the one, from Nashville’s only James Beard Award-winning restaurant City House) will be popping up as a guest chef at The Band Box. Best of all? He’ll be slinging The Slugger...a flour tortilla chock full of the good stuff, like Bear Creek Farm meatballs, slaw, fritos, green dragon dressing (?!) and chili oil. They’ll be in limited supply, so get to the ballpark early, get you a seat at The Band Box, and nestle in for the game with The Slugger in hand. Home Run! - Jordan

2. Brunch on Dad’s Toast at The Ribbon Room

Okay listen here. Dads wake up early. Dads need to eat. Dads like sports. And dads could likely benefit from some cathartic axe throwing on their special day. (Okay, we're overgeneralizing, but you get the idea.) So why not roll all of those things into one convenient little outing at Downtown Sporting Club? The Ribbon Room, which is the primary restaurant within DSC, is the perfect place to start out the day with dad and even has a menu item named after the guy: Dad's Toast! Plus, with Crema coffee in the building, bottomless mimosas now on the menu, billions of TV's dedicated to showing sports, and axe throwing upstairs, this place is like a dad magnet. - Maddie


3. Take him on a shopping trip at Bare Bones Butcher

When was the last time your dad actually wanted to go grocery shopping? If he's anything like my dad, probably never. But Bare Bones Butcher could change all of that. This small, old-school butcher shop located in The Nations offers everything needed to prepare a tasty meal, but focuses mainly on the meat. Their products are all sourced locally and raised humanely, and as a result they taste a lot better, too. The butchers at Bare Bones grind and stuff their own fresh and smoked sausages, make a whole variety of deli meats and charcuterie items, and also prepare delicious sandwiches for you to enjoy -- and you can do so alongside a cold, draught beer! Bring dad in for lunch, or invite him on your shopping trip to select his own steak for dinner. Or if he's really opposed to shopping, just choose whatever you think looks best, and invite him (and mom) over for a fine meal. - Maddie

Pssst - a little bird told me they have some killer steaks set aside for dad: we’re talking 35 day dry-aged NY Strips, porterhouses, and t-bones. Don’t sleep on this — they’ll go quick!

4. Cheekwood’s Classic Car Show

Cheekwood is often known as the “place to be” for Mother’s Day, but can be great for Father’s Day, too!  Especially this year: they’re hosting a classic car show from 10-5 where you can stroll around the property with dad, beer or cocktail in hand, to check out each of these impeccably kept classic automobiles from the early to mid-20th century. Arrive hungry, because they’ll have plenty of food trucks for you to choose from.  Oh, and if dad has a collector car of his own, they’ve got limited preferred parking available so he can show it off - so arrive early! - Jordan

5. Hot Air Balloon Festival and Polo Match

Busy on Father’s Day but still want to hang with dad?  Nashville’s Hot Air Balloon Festival and Polo Match is going down tonight  (4pm) and Saturday morning (7am) in White’s Creek, TN. Not only are there polo matches to watch and hot air balloons to marvel, but the additional activities are abundant, too! Hang out on a field with a slew of local venders, chefs, musicians, artists, cooking demonstrations, pop-up art galleries, PLUS food and alcohol tasting partners.  The event lasts until Saturday night, so be sure to make time to get out there tomorrow. - Jordan

Pro Tip: you can buy a ticket for you and the fam to experience  a sweet [tethered] hot air balloon ride for $40 through their Eventbrite page, linked here.

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