Fourth of July in Nashville: Planned!

Fourth of July in Nashville: Planned!

“Summer gives you permission to stop trying so hard,” writes Alex Lau in this Easy Summer Recipes roundup I recently peeped on Bon Appetit. “Resign yourself to drinking all day outside. Read for pleasure. And absolutely do not stress about preparing an elaborate dinner.”

Yes, Alex! Yes! The affirmations in my head became louder and louder as I read those four succinct suggestions: Stop trying!  Drink all day! Read a book! Don’t stress about planning!

That last one hit me hardest: don’t stress about planning. Don’t stress. About planning. It’s a hard pill for me to swallow...but it’s also a pill from which I could likely benefit if incorporated into my regular diet. See, according to some studies, I am considered an Over-Planner. And worst of all, my symptoms are about to flare up: Fourth of July is on the horizon, and such a day most certainly calls for planning.

I’ve been racking my brain, texting with friends, trying to come up with a plan for the Fourth. My typical Independence Day agenda involves canoeing on the river, firing up the grill, consuming at least one triangular slice of watermelon, and of course sprinkling in a healthy dose of alcoholic beverages all the while. It’s a loose plan, but it’s a plan nonetheless. This year however, I’m itching for something a little different...maybe a little more planny...but not completely graphed and plotted. (I told you I was due for a flare-up)

So what, exactly, should I do as a means of reconciling my desire for a plan with my hesitation for a too-specific agenda? I’ve got a few ideas.

1.  For stricter version of a loose agenda:

Downtown Sporting Club’s Rooftop Affair

Party on Broadway, but four floors up: Downtown Sporting Club is hosting a July 4th party at The Rooftop Bar, which means you’ll be in the center of Nashville’s celebrations, yet with a safe distance from the rowdiness. Sure, you’ll have to plan out your transportation to and from downtown, but planning to find your friends when you get down there will be easy as pie: you’ve got a pinpointed meeting spot. You just can’t beat having a predetermined location to spend time on the Fourth — especially one that’s in such close proximity to the fireworks. Plus, kiddos aren’t allowed (the event is 21+) so if you want to get just as lit as the fireworks, you can go right ahead!

2.  For a plan that doesn’t feel super duper planny:

Pinewood’s July 4th Patio Party


So, the thought of going downtown on July 4th makes your skin crawl? Don’t blame ya. Instead of heading straight into the eye of the storm, spend your time on the outskirts of the madness: at Pinewood Social! Not only is there ample free parking (score!), but the patio party is open to all ages so even your little ones can tag along for the fun. And at $25 per ticket, you kind of can’t afford not to come — heck, it would cost twice that to park downtown! Not to mention, this party includes a drink ticket to boot! And don’t forget to bring a suit to dip your toes in the pool and a little extra cashola so you can grab a bite from the airstream; it’ll be open late!

3. For a pretty damn unplanned but very lightly outlined day, refer to the first paragraph of this article:

Stop trying, drink all day, read a book, and just maybe try your hand at one of Alex’s 34 Easy Summer Recipes to cap off the day. Easy breezy, lemon squeezy.

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