Weekly Top 5: Maddie Adams

Weekly Top 5: Maddie Adams

To quote and appropriate the title of David Letterman’s Netflix series, [My Weekly Top Five] Needs No Introduction. But it’s not because my five things are so well-known and famous. The truth of the matter is that I couldn’t come up with any clever way to tie this handful of items together for the purpose of this initial paragraph. There’s no theme to which they all adhere, nor a thread that weaves through the fabric of each one. But what they do all have in common is that each one is a thing that, in one way or another, has added a little extra joy and pleasure to my life as of late. And heck, that right there is introduction enough!

Without further adieu, take a gander at our last Weekly Top Five for the month of June:

1. Boy Brow + Brow Flick from Glossier

Remember back in the late 90’s + early 2000’s when everybody tweezed their eyebrows into tiny little lines that disappeared into the abyss of their forehead? Oh...not you? K. Well, fortunately my brows have grown back since those dark times, and in a real turn of events, these days I am now loving the full-brow look. Having nicely-shaped eyebrows provides a framework for my face and makes me look relatively alive without the need for a ton of makeup (which I don’t want to wear). Up until about a week ago I’d been employing a standard brow pencil for the job, but after seeing about one billion Instagram ads on my feed I finally purchased the Boy Brow + Brow Flick Duo from Glossier...and threw my pencils in the trash. Boy Brow is a soft brow gel that holds the hairs in place and brushes in a tinge of color [if you so choose], while Brow Flick fills in the gaps and shapes with its feather-like detailing brush. Best of all, the combo is fast as lightning to apply, which means I have just a little more time to spend doing anything but putting on makeup. Dreams!

2. The Sourdough Bread from Rolf & Daughters / Folk

In our house, we call it “Michael Bread,” but in other homes it’s probably known as “Rolf bread,” or “Folk bread.” Michael Matson is the baker at both restaurants and thus, the wizard behind these behemoth loaves. The naturally leavened, wood-fired sourdough is everything good bread should be: crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside, moist, salty, sour, and a smidge smokey. It’s great on the grill, excellent in the toaster, and equally as delightful without any heat applied to it at all. I typically try and snag a loaf at Woodland Wine Merchant on Saturdays — they receive something like half a dozen loaves to sel — but now Michael Bread is available 24/7 from Folk’s online store!

Also, did I mention that the loaf is massive? Half a loaf usually gets us clear through a week, so I always slice it down the middle and stick both pieces into ziplocks: keep one half on the counter and stick the other into the freezer. Pull out the frozen one about 4 hours before you want to eat it and let it thaw on the counter. Voila! The best bread.

3. Five.Two Silicone Straws

I’m a woman who’s all about going green -- my mama taught me to reduce, reuse, and recycle. But I’m also a woman who likes a straw. (And my mama never bought them for me as a kid. So as an adult, I indulge). In my iced coffee, in my smoothie, in my margarita: I want a straw. And although I am sincerely glad we’re saving the turtles by ridding ourselves of excessive plastic, I’ve been selfishly bummed out by the whole no-straw movement. The paper ones SUCK, the metal ones give me the willies, and the glass ones just seem dangerous. Ergo, I’ve more or less gone without a drinking tube for the past year or so -- until I saw these. Five.Two Silicone straws are not only reusable, washable, and carry-in-your-purse-able, but they have the same general sturdy-yet-squishy mouthfeel of my old faithful plastic straws. A pack of 10 colorful straws -- complete with 4 carrying cases and 4 cleaning squeegees -- costs just $25 from Food52, and I think it’s totally worth it. Environment: check. Straw fetish: check. 


4. The Frozen Aperol Spritz from Nicky’s Coal Fired

I know - the whole Aperol Spritz fad is so 2018. But here I am, smack in the middle of the subsequent year and still one hundred percent in love with ‘em. What’s not to love? Aperol Spritz are bubbly, bright, sweet, bitter, and overall...delightfully orange. I’ll say it again: I love an Aperol Spritz! Or at least, I thought I did. I ordered a frozen Aperol Spritz from Nicky’s Coal Fired last Friday night and I realized that in fact, I hadn’t known love for a cocktail — not until I became acquainted with this frozen variety from Nicky’s. Talk about a love affair? We got together three times over the course of dinner. (Hot tip: don’t sleep on the peach focaccia with basil butter, holy shiiiiit!)

5. Trader Joe’s Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream

Made with coconut oil, hemp oil, and 20% shea butter, this moisturizing cream from Trader Joe’s is my latest obsession. A friend gifted me a tube for my birthday a few weeks back and I’ve been slathering it all over my hands and arms before bed every night since. Although it’s thick and buttery, it doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy (thank G), and the fragrance is light, slightly floral, and mucho coconutty — which I freaking love. If you can get over making a trip into 😱 Green Hills 😱 to buy a tube, I say go for it and stock up (especially before the winter). It’s worth it. 

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