Weekly Top Five: Meet Amber Blossman

Weekly Top Five: Meet Amber Blossman

Hey, y’all! My name’s Amber, and I’m going to be writing some stuff for Broad Varieties from time to time.

 So, who is this new girl trying to tell you five things she’s been into lately? Do you care? Well, maybe not, but give me a chance and maybe I’ll grow on you. Shocker, but I’m not originally from Nashville. I came here about a year and a half ago from New Orleans. I packed my stuff into my car, and drove up here on a whim. I had never even been here before. My family probably thought I was crazy, especially since I have a history of making rash decisions, but Nashville is one of them that I definitely don’t regret. I’ve lived in lots of places, but I feel the most at home here.

I landed in East Nashville in a little house in Lockeland Springs, where I cook everything Bon Appétit tells me to and *try* to garden in my backyard. I just got a bike and have since been singing that Queen line, “I want to ride my bicycle, BICYCLE,” because I’m obsessed.

So, as a way to better introduce myself, I’m sharing my list of five things I really like right now…and maybe you will, too.

1. Coutelier

Although I’m not cooking up 5-star meals every night, I consider myself to be a pretty above-average home cook. I may not have proper knife technique and I’m sure the way I chop an onion is totally wrong by any chef’s standards, but my knife from Coutelier makes me feel like I actually know what I’m doing. It’s so beautiful and sharp as hell. Try to tell me it’s not the most satisfying thing to slice through a pineapple with absolute ease. If you’re still slumming it in your kitchen with some dull knife, you need to see the folks at Coutelier to step it up a notch. Side note: They’re originally from New Orleans (represent!), which is where I got my baby, but they now have a shop in East Nashville.


2. Bae’s Butters

Once every two weeks or so, I find myself fighting for a parking spot in the Trader Joe’s parking lot for a major grocery haul all for the sake of cheap produce and almond milk. That being said, I’m not normally the type of person to spend $10 on a jar of nut butter, but I make an exception for Bae’s Butters. They have lots of different types of crazy good nut butters, but my favorite is the cashew. They call it “Nashville Gold,” and let me tell you, they ain’t wrong. Not to mention, their branding is amazing and the label makes me happy every time I see it in my pantry. You can snag a jar at some of the local farmer’s markets they attend, like Richland Park or East Nashville. 

3. You Can Call Me Carl by Carl Anderson

You know that one song or album that you can listen to on repeat and never get tired of it? Well, Carl Anderson’s latest release, “You Can Call Me Carl,” is it for me. Carl’s an Americana singer-songwriter from Virginia who writes about heartache while somehow leaving you feeling uplifted. He’s currently local to Nashville, and he’s playing a show this Sunday, August 4th at the High Watt. So, if you too want to get addicted to his tunes, here’s your chance.


 4. Skin-Contact Wines

Rosé is dead to me. Just kidding. But it’s definitely lost it’s spot at #1 for summer beverages in my book. I’ll take an orange instead, please. Give me a glass of funky, natural, skin-contact wine on a nice patio and I’m a happy girl. I don’t pretend to have the palate of a sommelier, but I do know that this sh*t tastes delicious. I snag these skin-contact beauties at Woodland Wine Merchant, and they’re always happy to help if this orange wine thing is new to you.

 5. Facial Spray by Mario Badescu

Ah, summer in Nashville… the time to sweat through your shirt just walking from your front door to your car. Why even put on makeup? It’s going to melt off. I’ve got a little secret weapon for you, Rosewater Facial Spray by Mario Badescu. I have two bottles at all times, a big one that has a permanent home in my bathroom and a small one that lives in my purse. Feelin’ sticky? Mist. Gettin’ flushed? Mist. You’re welcome.

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