The Broadway Project

We’re building something big at 411 Broadway, and we’re sharing the whole journey with you here. Follow along to see the ups, the downs, and [almost] every step along the way as we work to create the Downtown Sporting Club!

Ep. 8 | On The Clock

As the clock counts down to opening day, the Strategic Hospitality team has all hands on deck to put the finishing touches on the Downtown Sporting Club. Watch and experience as excitement and tensions rise as they get closer to opening weekend.

Ep. 7 | What’s Our Sign

With its size and shape grandfathered into downtown Nashville's historic codes, the transformation of the beloved blade sign at 411 Broadway was a project that could only be handled by the best: Joslin & Sons Signs.

Ep. 6 | Part of the Plan

As the Downtown Sporting Club continues to take shape, every detail has to be taken into consideration. From testing the strength of the headboards when fastened to the walls, to looking up the international standards for axe throwing lane specifications, everything at DSC is being meticulously planned.

Ep. 5 | Piece by Piece

Strategic Hospitality continues to make progress on the Downtown Sporting Club. Benjamin takes the team on a walk-through of the space as construction moves full steam ahead, plans are finalized for the big neon sign, and menu selections begin to come into focus.

Ep. 4 | What Don’t We Consider

Episode 4 of The Broadway Project follows Strategic Hospitality and Reunion design teams as they navigate through the detail-oriented decisions to be made as Downtown Sporting Club’s opening day approaches.

Ep. 3 | What’s The Right Fit

As the Strategic Hospitality team makes a decision in regards to which logo best fits The Downtown Sporting Club, the contractor finalizes measurements to make sure the interior design on the second floor will function properly for both the staff and the guests.

Ep. 2 | What Can We Do

Episode 2 of The Broadway Project takes a look at multiple elements at play during the creation of the Downtown Sporting Club. We investigate some of the hurdles that the Goldberg brothers have already confronted throughout the process.

Ep. 1 | What’s In A Name

Episode 1 of The Broadway Project follows Benjamin and Max Goldberg as they release the initial details on their new downtown venture. The project was leaked to the press before the brothers were ready to divulge, but here they'll share the ambitious timeline and the official name: the Downtown Sporting Club.

Ep. 0 | The Broadway Project

The Broadway Project: an ode to downtown Nashville's Paradise Park and a look ahead to what's next for 411 Broadway. Benjamin and Max Goldberg of Strategic Hospitality reflect on the past decade with their trailer park-themed honky tonk "on the wrong side of Broadway" in Nashville, Tennessee.